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Colour Experiment

Aim: To find out whether 14-16 year olds memorise better through images or words.

(D) Hypothesis: They will remember the words better than the colours.

Experiment will be conducted as a lab experiment.

Colours Used: Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue and Brown.

IV: Whether we change the stimulus from colours, to words.

DV: Recall rate

CV1: Gender-boys may remember male related colour such as green and blue and girls will remember female related colours such as pink and purple.

CV2: time of day

CV3: where the experiment is done- light(artifical/natural/amount), distractions, posters, etc..

CV4: subject ppt is taken from-different moods from different lessons.

CV5: colour blindness

D: RIC- (Retrospective informative consent.) Participants must not know the aim of the experiment (recalling) this may alter the results. During the debriefing the participant will be asked if they accept their results being used; theywill also be asked if theywould liek to know the overall results of the experiment.

I:PC (presumptive consent) will be used, this means that people from the same sample group will be given an explanation of the experiment and asked if they find it appropriate.

P: Participants have the right to withdraw at any point during the experiment and can withdraw their results at anytime during or after he experiment is given. If they request their results to be discarded, the results will be destroyed.

Sampling: Opportunity/ Volunteer Sampling

We will use matched pairs design which is getting a pair of participants that are similar in age and gender; we will then use one participant as a control group and the other as an experimental group.


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