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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Aggression- Cue arousal

Tom’s friend is mad and is shouting at Tom. Despite the shouting and abuse Tom chooses to not react, he ignores the shouting, as it continues tom still rises above the shouting until… the friend insults Tom’s weight. This has hit a nerve and without thinking Tom immediately being to shout back aggressively.

This is a clear example of cue arousal because Tom has no interest in arguing until one particular comment cues the backlash. It shows that each of us have cues that can cause arousal and aggressive behaviour unintentionally.


Aggression- Social Learning Theory

Example: Imagine you are a teen hanging out with friends after school in your school uniform. One of your friends decide to throw rocks at a car, all of the others soon join in and cheer him on, although they are usually not the type to do so. Why is this?

This is a good example of social learning theory because here the teens have seen a ‘role model’ from the group do something aggressive, we often imitate these people as they are people we look up to.