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The best way to study psychology

According to Borden and Abbott (2008) the choice of the method used to conduct psychological research is dependent on what the researcher wants to find out and how they want their data to show this. Borden and Abbott claimed that scientific studies concentrate on one of two approaches including: exploratory data testing (concerned with descriptive data) and hypothesis testing (concerned with identifying links between two variables, either casual or relational).
The researcher must first begin by choosing to collect descriptive data or investigating links with variables. If you choose to research descriptive data, you would need to choose to either look at individuals, simply involving a case study, or groups which can be more complex. If they then choose to observe behaviours they will choose a simple observational study e.g. observing aggressive behaviours however if they wish to ask for information they will either use an interview to gain detailed results or a survey suitable for large scale experiments.
If you are looking at links between variables, relational links will use a correlational study however casual links could simply use an experiment e.g. is there a link between attachment types and the extent of celebrity worship?


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